Why Choose Binetco?

Binetco makes it simple to buy, sell and manage your cryptocurrency portofolio. Binetco Exchange is a secure platform for buying, selling, transferring and storing digital currency. Buying Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies has never been more seamless.

Fast Transactions Times

Get verified instantly. Fund, withdraw, buy and sell fast. No more waiting days to get your digital currency.

Fast verifications

We understand the users need to be able to fully operate as soon as possible and we take verification process very seriously in order to enable the accounts in the shortest time possible.

Reduced Fee

Binetco offers easy to understand fees, transparent transactions. You can also get rebates for adding liquidity and generate extra income on your limit orders.

Trade with confidence

Binetco is a secure platform with 2 factor authentification and a combination of hot andĀ cold storage security policy. Your account comes with a secure wallet that can be used to receive and send all of your cryptocurrency.